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The average person running their own business fails three times before they succeed ̶ daunting stats. Especially if you don’t relish the idea of going through all those failures yourself. But why do they fail? Did they go to the wrong school, or no school at all? Truthfully, a college education, no matter the school, simply does not teach many of the vital skills necessary to succeed in business.

Because of that, the school of hard knocks is where those lessons are typically learned. Most companies do not get beat by competition, they implode from within. But there is good news, you’ve found Leaders Garage. Our entire purpose is to help you learn what you need to know to beat those odds and slap failure in the face. If you are ready improve both you and your business, you’ve found the right place.

“I have used Barry’s training extensively over the past few years with two different companies. The concepts he teaches and the way they are delivered have been perfect for my teams and have made a measurable difference. I would strongly recommend his trainings for anyone looking to improve their own individual skill set as well as for your extended teams if you are a people manager. You just can’t afford to pass this training up!”
–Jeff Hunsaker, VP, Head of Customer Success
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Check out all the great training you’ll get here… and more is being added all the time. All training is video based and never over 5 minutes long.
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You’ll love our online community. Bounce things off others that are in the trenches like you are. The more you contribute the more you will gain.
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We interview engaging guests who are experts in their fields with information you will want to hear. Listen to our podcasts!
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Free Samples

Who doesn’t like a free sample? We’re serving up two free training modules for you to get a feel for what our courses are like.
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Don’t think you have the money or time to improve your skills?

It’s not as if your business depends on it… wait. The truth is, you make the difference between success and failure. It’s less than $5 per month and you can learn something great in time increments of 5 minutes or less. Your whole team needs this. So what are you waiting for? Here’s what we have to offer…

Why choose us?

  • Learn to lead and others and have them want to follow
  • Learn to present, sell, build a loyal customer base and more
  • Dive into our online community – help yourself and others
  • Listen to great, engaging podcasts with experts
  • Get the latest information through the Leaders Garage blog
  • Make a real difference in yourself and your business!


Leaders Garage is Designed for What Leaders Need Today

We get it. You are extremely busy and tight on excess funds to throw around. We’ve got you covered in both cases. But are you a fit for us? This Garage is for leaders that realize that while they continually tune their business, the tuning starts with what matters most. Sure, you can align the wheels and buff the paint, but you can’t ignore the engine. That’s YOU. The single most important part of your business that can be tuned to go faster, smoother and ride quieter is the leadership team. Otherwise, the entire system sputters, coughs and eventually the lies dead on the side of the road. Are you ready to become the best you can be? If so, then roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work!

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Learn Your Way

Get right to the specific skill you to to use right now or learn module by module… or both!

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All Meat, No Fat!

None of the excess fluff you’ve seen in other training. We get right to the meat!”

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Never Go It Alone

Join our community and bounce ideas and questions of other leaders.


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