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From large companies like HP and Ernst & Young, to small companies with three or four employees, Barry Phillips been able to help people make real, ‘rubber hits the road’ kind of changes that make a positive difference. At one fortune 50 technology company, Barry and his then partner increased the company’s ability to solve issues over the phone to nearly double their existing rate, all while improving customer satisfaction. Barry took that same company’s worst support team in terms of customer satisfaction and made them number one globally in just 120 days.

He’s helped take some of the worst managers and turn them into effective leaders – actually, he’ll tell you they did the work, but he was honored to show them the way. He’s helped three different companies grow their sales dramatically – double their sales and beyond. Barry was the top salesman worldwide for a $400 million company as well. In one of his own companies, Barry was able or orchestrate securing 96% market share in a growing technology market. His passion, drive and creativity are the keys to his making a real difference in many companies throughout his career. His dream, and the purpose of this website is to bring these skills and may others to those who need them, but could never afford to get them until now.

Barry is married at the father of five children. He has four grand children and counting. His hobbies include cooking, cars, writing and woodworking.


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