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All Meat, No Fat!

Have you ever gone to a training course or read a book on a subject you wanted to learn more about and found you had to wade through things you already know, or didn’t care about, just to get the information you needed? Honestly, we all have. Authors pack in statistics and stories, and continually rehash the key points over and over again to fill their pages. Trainers regale you with stories, make you do role plays and exercises all to “reinforce” the information they supply. Truth be told, they could have told you the parts you needed in just a few minutes.

Well, that’s what we DON’T do here. We give you the information you need in manageable bites. No role plays, no rehashing, just great information that is tried and tested in a format that is quick and easy to use. If you really want to do a role play, I’m sure you can force an employee to join in. After all, you do sign their paycheck…


  • Timing
    Nice idea, now go away. he old saying...
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