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Customer Service

The most likely place to get your next sale is from a current customer. IF, you have treated them well, that is. Customer Service is the best sales tool you will ever have. And having happy, satisfied customers make life much easier when going after new customers. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do. Win, win, and win.

At Leaders Garage we know what it takes to have happy, loyal, repeat customers. And you’re in luck. We’re willing to share the secrets of our success. The skills taught here have been honed and used extensively in the real world with astounding success. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make in your business.

From basic behaviors and actions to a service process and great telephone tips and techniques, you can learn the ins and outs of great customer service right here. There are 10 units in this course and each us under 5 minutes in length. We’ve got other great training too, and you get it all for $4.95 per month or less.

That’s it, no hidden charges or dealer prep fees. We’ll even through in the floor mats! No, we’re not a car dealership, but we are the Leaders Garage where you can tune up your skills and tune up your business as well. And, free car washes for life… wait, maybe we can’t do that one; but we will keep your skill set all shiny and new. We promise! So Join us!

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The 10 course units are as follows:

Module 1 Customer Service Introduction

Unit 1 Customer Service Introduction

Module 2 Customer Service Process

Unit 1 Customer Service Set the Stage

Unit 2 Customer Service The Lay of the Land

Unit 3 Customer Service Get it Done

Unit 4 Customer Service End on a High Note
Module 3 Customer Service Actions

Unit 1 Customer Service Actions Part 1

Unit 2 Customer Service Actions Part 2

Module 4 Customer Service Telephone Skills

Unit 1 Customer Service Telephone Skills Introduction

Unit 2 Customer Service Telephone Skills The Do’s

Unit 3 Customer Service Telephone Skills The Don’ts


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