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Leadership Course

The entire Leadership Course is listed below. If the items are grayed out, you will need to login to access the training. If the links are active (red in color) you are already to go! Just click on the link and you will have access to both the training video and summary card. You can access each unit as often as you like.

Please note that the quiz at the end of each module is optional. However, if you want to earn a completion certificate for this course, you will need to complete each quiz.

Module 1 Building Blocks  
Unit 1 Leadership Introduction
Unit 2 Leadership Characteristics
Unit 3 Leadership Character and Trust
Unit 4 Leadership Integrity
Unit 5 Leadership Building Blocks Module Quiz
Module 2 Actions of a Leader  
Unit 1 Leadership Actively Listen
Unit 2 Leadership Give a Reason
Unit 3 Leadership Thank Yous
Unit 4 Leadership Ask
Unit 5 Leadership Paint the Picture
Unit 6 Leadership Discuss Opportunities
Unit 7 Leadership Actions Module Quiz
Module 3 Creating Change  
Unit 1 Leadership Define the Gap
Unit 2 Leadership Find Their Why
Unit 3 Leadership Create a Roadmap
Unit 4 Leadership Set Goals
Unit 5 Leadership Live Up to Your Word
Unit 6 Leadership Creating Change Module Quiz
Module 4 Vital Skills  
Unit 1 Leadership Delivering Tough News
Unit 2 Leadership How to Fire Someone
Unit 3 Leadership Dealing with Problem People
Unit 4 Leadership Keeping on Track
Unit 5 Leadership Stats vs Facts
Unit 6 Leadership Handling Super Stars
Unit 7 Leadership Micromanagement
Unit 8 Leadership Chain of Command
Unit 9 Leadership Responsibility vs Authority
Unit 10 Leadership Vital Skills Module Quiz


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