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Leadership. It’s something every business needs. Those companies with great leaders tend to thrive, while those without them become part of the statistics that makes starting and running a business so risky. There are plenty of challenges to running a business without having YOU be your biggest problem. And it’s a tough one to overcome, if you are not willing to try.
Most people with deficiencies leadership skills often don’t see they are the problem and look elsewhere to lay blame. Those in the organization that clearly see the problem, don’t want to bring it up, because they fear losing their paychecks. A vicious cycle, to be sure.

But for those that are teachable and willing to tune up their own skills, becoming a great leader becomes a competitive advantage that can make the difference between great success and dismal failure. That’s where Leaders Garage comes in. This is the place where you can gain the skills necessary for success. Each unit is delivered in 5 minutes or less, so you’ve got the time to learn.

These skills have proven in many of the top companies out there today. From the basics of integrity and trust, to learning to avoid micromanaging and handling super stars, the core elements of leadership are all here – and at a price anyone can afford. Are you ready to hone your skills? Join us and let’s get started.

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There are 24 units in the Leadership Series. They are listed below:

Module 1 Building Blocks

Unit 1 Leadership Introduction

Unit 2 Leadership Characteristics

Unit 3 Leadership Character and Trust

Unit 4 Leadership Integrity

Module 2 Actions of a Leader

Unit 1 Leadership Actively Listen

Unit 2 Leadership Give a Reason

Unit 3 Leadership Thank Yous

Unit 4 Leadership Ask

Unit 5 Leadership Paint the Picture

Unit 6 Leadership Discuss Opportunities

Module 3 Creating Change

Unit 1 Leadership Define the Gap

Unit 2 Leadership Find Their Why

Unit 3 Leadership Create a Roadmap

Unit 4 Leadership Set Goals

Unit 5 Leadership Live Up to Your Word

Module 4 Vital Skills

Unit 1 Leadership Delivering Tough News

Unit 2 Leadership How to Fire Someone

Unit 3 Leadership Dealing with Problem People

Unit 4 Leadership Keeping on Track

Unit 5 Leadership Stats vs Facts

Unit 6 Leadership Handling Super Stars

Unit 7 Leadership Micromanagement

Unit 8 Leadership Chain of Command

Unit 9 Leadership Responsibility vs Authority


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