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Learning styles are as individual as your finger print. All right, maybe not quite that unique, but people do like to go about learning in their own way. You want to consume your knowledge the way you like. Some people want to buckle in and immerse themselves into training and stick with it until they have devoured the entire subject they are engaged in. If that’s you, jump right in to any Leaders Garage training course, start with the first module and push right through each one to the end. Modules are set up in a logical order so that works just fine. Each module also has a brief quiz at the end for those of your who like to make sure you are paying attention – though they are not required.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who want to just learn the one specific thing to use right now. Leaders Garage is set up for that as well. Since no training module is over five minutes long, you can go straight to the place you need to, learn that one concept and be on your way. Maybe you need to brush up on your telephone skills or are about to present and don’t know what to do with your hands. It’s all here and easy to get to. Don’t worry if you forget something you have already learned. You can go into a module as many times as you like and review the material. Plus, we have a handy Summary Card you can download a print for each module to remind you of the things you’ve learned.

The bottom line is, no matter how you like to learn, we’ve got you covered. Even if you are on the go and just have a few minutes, you catch a module on your phone or tablet. Learning should be on your terms. At Leaders Garage, we not only agree, it’s part of our DNA.


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