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Sales Skills

Unless you just have customers beating your door down with orders, chances are you need sales. Lot’s of them. But more than just sales, you to generate your sales the right way to start your relationship with your customer off on the right foot.

At Leaders Garage you’ll learn the right way to how to generate leads, approach your potential customers, and how to close the sale. While each product and market have unique nuances to consider, the core elements of successful selling cross all product boundaries. You’ve come to the right place to learn the ropes of selling the right way, from someone who’s done it many times in the real world, not just theorized about it in a class room.

There are 15 units in the Sales Skills course and each one is under 5 minutes in length. Plus, you’ll get unlimited access to all training and information at Leaders Garage for $4.95 per month or less. So what are you waiting for? Join us.

The 15 course units are as follows:

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Module 1 Introduction

Unit 1 Sales Skills Introduction

Unit 2 Sales Skills Attitude of Success

Module 2 Finding Customers

Unit 1 Sales Skills Prospecting Part 1

Unit 2 Sales Skills Prospecting Part 2

Unit 3 Sales Skills Prospecting Part 3

Unit 4 Sales Skills Client Research
Module 3 Selling Strategy

Unit 1 Sales Skills The Disruptive Sale

Unit 2 Sales Skills Customize

Unit 3 Sales Skills Guiding the Sale

Unit 4 Sales Skills Closing the Sale

Unit 5 Sales Skills Features vs Benefits

Unit 6 Sales Skills The Emotional Sale

Module 4 Elements of Sales Success

Unit 1 Sales Skills The Pipeline

Unit 2 Sales Skills Quotas

Unit 3 Sales Skills Contests Rewards and Bonuses


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