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“I have used Barry’s training extensively over the past few years with two different companies. The concepts he teaches and the way they are delivered have been perfect my teams and have made a measurable difference. I would strongly recommend his trainings for anyone looking to improve their own individual skill set as well as for your extended teams if you are a people manager. You just can’t afford to pass this training up!”

– Jeff Hunsaker, VP, Head of Customer Success
Authorize.Net & CyberSource
A Division of Visa

Barry Phillips has the rare innate ability to see right into the core of what actually works in all aspects of business. And thankfully for those of us not so naturally gifted, his lucid explanations instantly make plain the entire body of business success literature. You’ll notice right off that conspicuously absent from Barry’s material is time-wasting fluff. For those professionals who can’t afford to spend many months or even years laboring to dig up the gold nuggets when they can be dropped in your lap in mere minutes, you’ve just hit the mother lode!

– Alexander Stopa; Training Professional

Barry Phillips is a dynamo. When I first met him, during a consulting engagement, I was struck with his quick intelligence, action orientation, and prodigious work ethic. Deeper into the engagement, I struggled to classify him – not because he lacks excellence in a discipline, but because he is a virtuoso in MANY. Barry not only excels in such skill sets as sales, marketing, operations, management, strategy, and IT, but also has the intellect to integrate disciplines and the energy to convert insight to action and results… with shocking dispatch.

If Barry has a “weakness,” it is that he is a straight talker who is not hesitant to broach difficult subjects, to get to the quick of an issues and their solutions. This may feel unsettling to some, but is refreshing and invigorating to those humble and hungry enough to love unvarnished truth.

The tune-up tools in Leaders Garage distill leadership lessons mined from such experiences as winning a prestigious national sales award (and corvette), directing training and development for a $1B multinational on a growth tear, and finding the strength and serenity to raise his game after a promising venture failed. I highly recommend them!

– David Warren; CEO NutraSage & Cell-IQ


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