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Nice idea, now go away.

The old saying that timing is everything is just plain true. I suppose that’s how it got to be such an old saying. In business, timing is critical in more ways than I can count. If you happen to be in the technology world, absolute truth changes about every six months. Miss a timing window and your great idea is old news and no one wants to hear it. A great marketing message in any business is completely uninspired if your competition uses it first. Even a great way to reward employees can look like a “me too” situation if others are doing it. In other words, timing matters.

As with most things in business, there are two sides to the coin. Get there too early and you are looked at as a nut job. Plus, you’ll have to be the one that does the heavy lifting of telling the world why this new idea matters. Too soon or too late and timing will eat your lunch every time.

Timing is especially tricky when dealing with investors. I can’t even count the number of funding presentations I’ve made on my great new idea, only to have a potential investor say, “Who else is doing this? We need proof that this will work.”

In most cases, if you are in a start up or a very small business, if someone else is doing it, then you are already too late. Often, if you’re not first to market, the only way to win is to outspend the competition. Trust me, investors don’t love that idea…even thought that is essentially what they are asking for when they ask for proof in the marketplace.

So when it comes to timing, if you can make a way cooler mouse trap and it’s clear mouse traps are still needed, then you are likely sitting in a great position. If you have a whole new idea that you want to spring on the world, don’t be surprised if others are skeptical. Sometimes, it comes down to faith – both in the idea and in you and your team’s ability to pull it off. You may just have to go with your gut. If you are wrong, you can lose big. But if you are right, you can potentially create a whole new business category that you dominate. This entrepreneurial stuff is not for the faint of heart. But don’t worry, we’ll get you a paper bag to breathe in if you need to catch your breath.


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    Nice idea, now go away. he old saying...
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